Role of youth

The period of youth is a special time. In our youth, ideas are formed about identity and society that help shape the rest of our lives. Youth have great interest in profound questions and in developing their talents and abilities. Their keen sense of justice, altruism and eagerness to learn impel them to want to contribute the construction of a better world.

Since the inception of the Baha’i Faith, youth have played a vital role in all facets of community life. In Australia, youth of the Baha’i community play a leading role in building more dynamic communities.

Youth are at the forefront of assisting groups of those younger than themselves to develop their moral sensibilities, and see themselves as agents of positive change who can contribute to the development of their neighbourhoods.

Such groups are generally conducted at the neighborhood or local level and meet periodically to study, discuss and explore material inspired by the Baha’i teachings. These teachings seek to impart essential moral concepts and build attitudes required to live a fruitful and rewarding life shaped by service to humanity. The participants also engage in a wide range of artistic and extra-curricular activities including sport, music and drama, as well as designing and carrying out service projects.

Those conducting such activities are accredited under the national Baha’i Child Safe Environments Policy, which includes compliance with the relevant working with children laws of Australia’s states and territories. The Australian Baha’i Community is committed to keeping children safe from harm/abuse.