Baha’i Centres of Learning

The Australian Baha’i Community’s educational programs are offered informally at homes, as well as formally through dedicated facilities known a Baha’i Centres of Learning. These programs can include courses of short duration as well as residential courses held at facilities established specifically for this purpose.

The Baha’i Centres of Learning are educational facilities dedicated to offering Baha’i-inspired educational programs and courses for children, junior youth, youth and adults. Short courses and residential courses are offered, with the primary purpose of the building of capacity in individuals, communities and institutions to contribute to the betterment of society.

Baha’i Centres of Learning are available for the running of activities that build capacity for the advancement and transformation of society and that are consistent with the teachings of the Baha’i Faith (such as, the promotion of the principles of world peace, inclusion, unity and diversity, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development, and interfaith cooperation and religious tolerance).

Australian Baha’i Centres of Learning in Australia::