What Baha’is do

Baha’is are engaged in activities that contribute to the spiritual development of ourselves, our neighbourhoods, our nation and the world.

On a daily basis we strive through prayer, study, meditation and acts of service to ensure our thoughts and actions are conducive to personal spiritual development and to the unity of humanity.

Baha’is work with others to provide activities in our neighbourhoods that will uplift, assist and unite diverse groups of people and help build vibrant communities.

This includes the organisation of devotional meetings which address the needs of the spirit, children’s classes where the young learn virtues,  and study circles where people examine the crucial questions of life and spirituality. Youth play a vital role in all aspects of community life.

Nationally, Baha’is are involved in ways to advance our country’s progress. We are active in various discourses, including on social cohesion, the equality of women and men,  and the role of religion in our society.

Australian Baha’is also participate in social action projects that promote material and spiritual wellbeing.