Northern Territory

The Baha’i Faith has played an active role in community life of the Northern Territory since the 1960s. There are established communities in Alice Springs, Darwin and Palmerston but you could meet Baha’is living anywhere in the NT.

NT Baha’is meet in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues, or in our homes. You, your family or friends are welcome to take part in a range of activities such as spiritual development classes for children which introduce children to spiritual concepts and the virtues. Junior teens can attend the spiritual empowerment program where young people gather to form friendships, learn and do community service together. We also have ongoing study circles for adults where spiritual concepts are explored within a small group setting. There may be other social development activities taking place in your community, depending on where you live.

Everyone from any faith and background is welcome to join Baha’i Holy Days and public events, such as the observance of Human Rights Day and Refugee Week.

We host gatherings for prayer, reflection and meditation inspired by Baha’i and other sacred writings and would love to hear from you.


Alice Springs: